Friday, June 18, 2010

Intimately Divine

A friend gave me this real soulful, sensual beat to write a poem to. This is the result of that. This is a side of me you will not see often. Enjoy!

"Intimately Divine"

Presently raging through my body is a passion not even my ridiculously immense vocabulary can convey
I reminisce on the memory as if it were yesterday
When we joined at a place so intimately divine
And for those few precious moments you were completely mine
Our bodies danced in an unrehearsed yet synchronized display of natural beauty and love
There was no reason to hurry, for it seemed as if even time had paused to witness this
Immaculate, intimate, divine merger of two beings displaying the most purest, passionate, perfect, rendition of love

With your breast pressed against my chest, I realized that even our heartbeats played in unison a song that can only be heard when love, meets passion, meets opportunity

The aroma of your cool sweet breath filled my lungs
Your warm rose petal skin rested so gently next to mine
The affirmations of my motions rang softly through the room
Even under the cover of blackness passion guided our steps
I found an insatiable appetite for your love cuisine

Completely, utterly, wholeheartedly entangled in you I found the center of your love cortex
And those ringing affirmations swelled in a chorus of the intimately divine

Working, searching, caressing, groping
Working, searching, caressing, groping
Work, search, caress, grope
Work, search, caress, grope

Baby its working
Successfully searching
Tender caressing
Deeply groping

As we simultaneously approach the zenith of this intimate divine union of the most purest, passionate, perfect rendition of love

Spiritually and
Mentally and
Physically and
We bonded in an indestructible union as we concluded this

Intimate, divine union of the most purest, passionate, perfect, rendition of love

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