Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Sea

Monstrous, rolling waves engulf the shore as if God himself were sailing in
The winds that carried them in seemed to fill every pore of my skin
The deceitful song of the water’s advance, a melodious lullaby
Seasoned riders knew of the lies of lullabies
Instinct signals most to flee
But that I lost in some other sea
Growing scent of adrenaline’s aroma
Sends me drifting into a salty comma
Lionous airs fill my lungs
Cool morning dew travels over my tongue
Shades of blues fade to foamy whites
Bracing myself for my favorite fight
Grind my feet into the sands
To ready a warrior’s stance
I am Poseidon
Gripping his trident
And while instinct signals others to flee
I ready myself to cut through the sea

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